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Car Insurance
Car insurance refers to a promise of reimbursement made by an insurance company to the insured, in the event of loss due to theft, damage or accident.

Car insurance quote
Car insurance quote refers to an estimate given by the insurance company to the customer prior to insuring.

Collision Coverage
Collision coverage will pay you for damages done to your own vehicle in the event an accident is deemed to be your fault. Collision coverage is also required by finance companies on any loan against your vehicle.

Comprehensive Coverage
This insurance coverage pays for damages done to your car. This includes theft, storm damage, fire and vandalism. This coverage will have a deductible attached. The rate for this insurance coverage goes down as the deductible goes up. This coverage will also be required on any loan you may have on the vehicle.

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Liability Coverage
Liability coverage protects you in the event you cause an accident and hurt someone else, or damage property. Every state has there own liability requirements. Let's take an example of a policy with a liability limit of 100,000/300,000. The first 100,000 is the limit that the policy will pay for any one persons medical expenses. The next figure, 300,000, is the limit the policy will pay for all medical expenses for anyone in the accident. Liability coverage does not pay for any injuries or damage to your own vehicle.

Property Damage
This is the total amount that your insurance policy will pay for property that you damage if it is determined that you caused the damage. Generally, most policies have $100,000 as a property damage limit. You can increase that if you wish to.

Optional Coverages
There are many different optional auto insurance coverages that you can purchase on your auto policy. Some of these include emergency road service and rental car coverage. Both of these services can be a big help to you in the event of a claim.

Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist
Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage will pay you in the event of an accident that is not your fault and the other party has either no insurance coverage, or not enough insurance.

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