Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance

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Classic cars have a category of its own because they are very expensive and signify something glamorous. They are expensive to maintain and good attraction for theft. Typical categories for Classic Car Insurance policies are:

  • Classic Cars should be older than fifteen years. Arguably any car prior to 1970 is a classic.
  • Vintage Cars have a manufacturing date between 1903 and 1933.
  • Veteran Cars have their manufacturing dates anything prior to 1903.

The main problem while shopping for Classic Car Insurance is that many insurance copanies do not offer any special Classic Car Insurance Quotes and treat your vehicle as any other vehicle. You should research to get correct insurance. With the internet around now you can get Classic Car Insurance Quotes Online and conveniently.

Classic car insurance quotes

Classic car insurance quote carries some strict restrictions on how you store your vehicle. Cars of this nature must be stored in a garage that completely surrounds the car and is always locked. Read carefully any fineprints that restricts the insurance coverage when your car is out in auto body shop as it many not covered under your classic car auto insurance policy.

Classic Car Insurance sometimes restricts the vehicle to be driven for maximum 5000 miles per year. Classic Cars are not intended for normal or daily driving. They donít allow normal daily driving for activities such as going to and from work, the store or school. If you are looking to insure your classic car then research for the insurance that is best suited for your unique needs.

UK Classic Car Insurance

can be bought from several insurance companies but be prepared to do some research to find the best provider and always insist on getting your Classic Car appraised to get an estimate of its worth. Don't forget that it may take some time to find the best classic car auto insurance policy for coverage at lowest possible price

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