Cheap Car Insurance

Cheap Car Insurance

Cheap Insurance for UK customers provided by Zurich Insurance company. Apply online for free car insurance quotes and save money.

Saving Money on Car Insurance Online

When it comes to choosing car insurance, it doesn?t always matter the age of an individual, there are many ways that you could save money when purchasing a policy online no matter what the circumstances.

The most common perk for insurance companies is to offer a certain percentage off the quoted price for ordering online and this is usually around 10% but this may vary depending on the company you want to use.

This is not the only way of saving money and by purchasing online, there are many factors that will be taken into account and this can range from age, no claims bonus and how long you have been driving.

Search the Market

Today, there are many different car insurance companies that promise the earth and the most competitive prices but it is very important to search around for the best deal on the internet.

The best way to do this is to register with different companies who will do the search for you and come back with the best options available based on personal details given. This will give you an idea of what can be offered and there could be savings made by choosing one company over another but never go for the first offer laid on the plate, there will always be something better.

Lowering the Price

It may seem impossible that you would be able to lower the price of car insurance but it is completely true and there are ways of cutting a huge chunk off the original quote. How can you lower the overall cost?

? Fit an Alarm ? It is vital and beneficial to have a range of security measures. Like fitting an alarm will deter would be thieves and to an insurance company, it is classed as a lesser risk.

? Higher Excess ? It is not said by companies but if you choose to have an initial higher excess in place then this will always lower any insurance claim, the lower the excess means that costs will be increased on the policy.

? Second Driver Claim ? Being a driver under 25 can mean higher premiums but if you go under a parent?s insurance, this means that costs could overall be lower. Remember that you need to be completely honest or this could invalidate any claim and you need to remember that a no claims bonus would be available.

? Location Counts ? One major factor that companies will take into account is where the car will be parked. Will it be in a garage or on the road? If it is in a garage then like with fitting an alarm it is less of a risk and unlikely that something will happen to your vehicle and will reduce the price. Always park off the road where possible.

These are the main ways you can lower your insurance quote and yes, even though car insurance is compulsory, it can mean that there is less to pay and you can enjoy the freedom of the open road without over the top payments.

Always be prepared to search because as the saying goes, ?good things come to those who wait?. There is a great offer waiting for you and by being as money minded as possible, you can obtain a good price without lifting a finger.

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