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Can't say that there is such a thing as 'cheap' car insurance for a teenager, but you can definitely reduce your car insurance rate if you and your teen work together. Here are a few tips:

Maintain Good Grades: Students who maintain good grades may earn up to a 25% discount on insurance rates. Good grade means B or above

Drivers Education: Many companies offer lower rates if your teenagers has taken and completed qualified driving courses. Some schools provide courses as part of their curriculum. If you school does not, look around for private driving schools. Contact our state's motor vehicle department and they should be able to provide you with a list of schools.

Keep your license clean: Just one ticket early in a driving career may increase your rates two to three fold. Don't speed. Pay attention to signs. A teen must protect their perfect driving record (at least until they can afford their own policy).

Safety, safety, safety: When buying a car think safety features. Driving an older car with a ton of safety features will help to keep rates down. The faster the car (high horsepower), the higher premiums. Be aware of the safety ratings of the car. If the car your teen is eyeing has a high theft rate or high rate of vandalism, the premium will be higher.

Don't Drink and Drive: No need to harp on this one. Under aged drinking is illegal. Your insurance company may void your coverage for illegal actions.

Talk to your agent: When getting a car for your teen, talk to your agent to let him know what type of car your teen is interested. Find out if it's cheaper to add the teen and the car to your policy or to get a separate policy.

By implementing some or all of the above rate reduction items, you may successfully find 'cheap car insurance for your teen.

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